BEVERLY S PRICE, is a certified eating disorder registered dietitian and iaedp supervisor, experienced registered Yoga teacher and IAYT Certified Yoga therapist, known for her healing gifts. Beverly is recognized for bringing mindfulness-based Yoga to the eating disorder treatment community along with Yoga therapy training programs in eating disorders for professionals.

Beverly is an inspiring author and international presenter. She is the author of Reconnect with Food…Unplugged! DVD, Nutrition Secrets for Optimal Health along with numerous articles in trade and peer reviewed publications. She is a frequent presenter at iaedp (International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals Foundation) Symposiums and has presented at the Soviet-American Nutrition Conference and American College of Physicians.

Beverly has created, cultivated and sold various healthcare businesses. In her career, she has consulted with healthcare entities that wish to maximize their bottom line, developed an entrepreneurial curriculum for dietetic educators and students, created distance learning products for continuing professional education of registered dietitians in private practice, and has provided professional clinical-business workshops throughout the country for healthcare professionals.

She also owned and operated an outpatient nutrition private practice from 1987 – 2001 that she sold to Integrated Nutrition in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Beverly is Founder and former CEO of the Reconnect with Food Programs at the Inner Door Center, acquired by a private company in 2016. Since leaving the Inner Door Center in 2017, she remains active in the national and local Eating Disorder community through consulting, lecturing, board positions, supervising and mentoring.